Future Projects

Updated  January 2017

As I write this, my adults are well into hibernation, but I've already started determining preliminary breeding matchups for spring 2017. 

On the corn snake front, I continue to be committed to producing high quality, exceptional cutting edge animals, focusing predominately (although not exclusively) on bloodreds, peach lavenders, scaleless (including some morphs that I believe will be the first versions of scaleless in corn snakes) and tesseras. At this point, if 2017 breeding goes as anticipated, I plan on being able to offer the following:

  • Scaleless cinders, peppermints, and bloodred versions of each.
  • Tessera pied bloodreds, and tessera bloodreds het pied.
  • Scaleless tesseras, including amels, anerys and snows.
  • Scaleless pied bloodreds.
  • Scaleless anerys, amels and snows.
  • I plan to cross my scaleless males into several females, including a hypo motley bloodred, a golddust bloodred and a tessera pied bloodred.  
  • Combinations of scaleless and dilute, anery, bloodred, motley and amel (too many possibilities to include here!)
  • Scaleless sunkissed and sunkissed stripe.
  • Scaleless vanishing pattern salmon ghost.
  • Sunkissed striped bloodreds.
  • Various colored tesseras, including ultramel, ultramel anery, anery, amel, snow, bloodred, and  bloodred pied.
  • Extreme reverse okeetees
  • Peach phase opal bloods, and tessera opal bloods
  • Butter and golddust striped bloods.

With respect to western hognose snakes, Vin Russo and I will be continuing to work on cutting edge projects for 2017, and if all goes according to plan we may also have available:

  • Axanthics
  • Albino and super anacondas 
  • Toffee and super anacondas
  • Anacondas 
  • Snows
  • Axanthics het snow
  • Axanthic anacondas
  • Super axanthic anacondas

Other Colubrids (Asian rat snake species):

  • Coxi
  • Mandarin Rat Snakes

- Richard Hume